Thursday, March 3, 2011


Ada 3 promotion untuk minggu ni. 

1. Career talk under ICTSS (4th march, friday)

Participant will get to know about the software 
created by authentic venture company about laptop trackers.
star point will also be given~

2. Appreciation night Inspire (5th march, saturday)

Target : Inspirian 
Theme for that day : tradisional & classic
Prize will be given to sape yg pakai sgt unik~

3. Programming and designing workshop + contest

-2 pilihan, sama ada nak join programming @ designing
-juz for beginners.
-utk programming, waktu pagi ada briefing, ptg competition
-utk designing, pg ada workshop, ptg ada competition
- prizes will be give to the winners.
-certificates n star point will also be given to participant

So sape yang rasa berminat nk join, bolehla bagi nama kat saya. Ada masa lagi ni..hehe ~:)


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